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Do you wish you could enjoy alcohol like your friends do? Do you wish you could just have one drink? Do you want to find healthy ways to manage stress without medicating with alcohol or drugs? Unfortunately, some of us have a genetic predisposition to addiction.

I have a client that has had issues with alcohol for many years. He knows he needs to stop drinking but isn’t ready to make that decision. He and I talked about all the stresses in his life and how to manage them without alcohol. We discussed why he drinks and I reminded him that alcoholism is a progressive disease. He knows what he needs to do and knows that I will support him through the process.

I will help him focus on his sobriety, self-care, and stress management whenever he’s ready. He knows he can call me anytime day or night and I will always try to be there to listen. I am also willing to go to meetings with him and help him find a sponsor if he thinks that will help him.

A Life Coach that’s familiar with alcoholism and addiction can be the person that finally convinces someone to be sober and then helps them stay that way. Sometimes people convince themselves of things that they know are untrue. They think they can moderate their alcohol or drug use like “normal” people, even though it’s obvious that they can’t.

I hope that everyone who needs to embrace sobriety does so, for themselves, and the people that love them. Coaching can be a huge part of the solution for many to overcome addiction. When this client is finally ready to embrace sobriety, I know that he’ll call me for support.

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