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Do you want a career that you truly enjoy without all the stress? Do you wish you had the self-confidence you need to change jobs? Do you wish you knew positive ways to manage your stress?

I have a client who had an incredibly stressful job in the health care field. She was so stressed out by her work that she had a heart attack at a young age. She wasn’t managing her stress well and didn’t focus on self-care. She also took it very personally when applying for new positions and didn’t get hired. She believed that she “wasn’t enough” and fell into depression at times. 

A Life Coach who focuses on stress management, career coaching, and mindset coaching is perfect for a client like this. We talked about why she felt like she “wasn’t enough” and quickly realized it began in her childhood because of things her mother told her.

This bright, educated human with an amazing heart didn’t recognize how incredibly valuable she was to everyone in her life. She was especially valuable and appreciated by those she connected with during her volunteer work with a non-profit organization. We also talked about stress management, including sleep, hygiene, breathwork, meditation, and self-care like exercise that she enjoyed. 

Then it was time to develop a plan to find her a new career with less stress. We scheduled specific times throughout the week for her to research new jobs, send out resumes, and follow up on positions she had interviewed for

We regularly coached so that I could motivate her to keep working towards this new career and care for herself. Then, when she applied for a position and didn’t get it, I reminded her of her value and told her the truth. She was an amazing human and a hard worker, and an employer would recognize it soon and give her the opportunity she was patiently waiting for. 

She found something amazing after consistently searching for a new career that she would enjoy. A position helping kids that utilized her talents and allowed her to help her community in a way that would be life-changing for children. 

She found her calling and is now doing incredibly important work to help at-risk youth. She also made self-care a priority so that when life did get hard, she was ready and had the tools to manage it.

Sometimes people need to be reminded of their value and motivated to make the change they need for a happier, healthier life. 

I appreciate her trusting me and allowing me to help.  

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