Stress management

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Don’t we all want to live a long, healthy life, with minimal stress? Life can be challenging and sadly many of us deal with health issues at some point.

I have a client who had just moved to the west coast for cancer treatment. She had the incredible stress of having multiple cancers, moving, and trying to manage her life and her treatment without the support of her family. It was too much and her cancer treatment was being delayed because of it.

Sometimes people need help prioritizing things in their lives. Obviously, her cancer treatment was first priority but she also needed help with less urgent issues like housekeeping and unpacking. She also stopped taking time to go for walks and wasn’t sleeping well. Having a Life Coach that can teach you stress management techniques and encourage you to advocate for yourself is very important, especially when dealing with the complexities of our health care system.  We developed a list of tasks in order of priority to get her cancer treatment back on track, as well as finding the help that she needed at home. We found her a primary care doctor to manage her cancer specialists and a housekeeper to help her around the house. She is now aggressively fighting her cancer with timely treatment and has the support she needs to manage her life. She just needed a coach to help her prioritize and make a plan for her to help herself.


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