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Hello Everyone!

Do you wish you were the same weight you were in your twenties? Have you been slowly gaining weight for years and want that trend to stop? Does your family have a history of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure?

I have a client who recognized it was time to make change. That meant more exercise, more fruits and vegetables, and a plan for losing weight. First, we talked about nutrition and found that there were several things that were sabotaging his weight loss journey. He was eating to many carbs and the wrong type of carbs. It was obvious why he was slowly gaining weight. We discussed easy ways to eat healthy foods that would keep him from being hungry and enable him to lose weight.

Then we talked about exercise types, frequency, intensity, and volume, while working around his injuries. Exercise included resistance training with body weight exercises, resistance bands, or dumbbells, and regular cardiovascular training. We developed these nutrition and exercise plans together. That’s what health coaching is about. We discuss what you’re willing and able to do so that the plan works for the client.

This client is losing weight and gaining muscle mass thanks to his hard work and the plan that we created together. All he needed was a health coach to guide him and keep him motivated.

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